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A Bit About Me

Hi! I'm Abigail Gross, or Abby for short. I am a navy veteran and spouse. I have been a doula a little over 4 years now.

My two pregnancy experience are very unique from each other, the first one was while I was active duty and gave birth at a navy hospital and the second one as a spouse in a civilian hospital. 

My passion in supporting women that supports the military started when my pregnancy in the military was treated as a malady, if you look closely at my LIMDU paperwork to transfer me to TPU, the word "diagnosed" really bothered me. Also, as a person in the leadership position, to labeled as "getting pregnant to avoid sea duty" really hits hard on you specially if you did back to back sea tour. I realized at this point, expecting active duty moms need to be at the minimum heard and respected during their maternity care.

I learned a whole lot more about respectful care in my time as a doula and when we finally had our second baby, there was a tad more options for me for care and would have not been possible if I was still active duty.

When not doulaing, my hobbies include event planning for fellow moms (Climb out of the Darkness, Global Big Latch On, PAILRW, WDW, Materni-TEA, Mom's Who Brunch), hiking, camping, and road trips with her family. She loves history and folklores, and learning about the places she travels. Her family also geocaches.

Outside of event-planning and adventuring, Abigail enjoys siting in a local cafe or shaded grassy area, sipping coffee or tea with a good book in-hand.

My role is to help facilitate safe, positive and empowering birthing experiences by offering the informational, emotional, relational and physical support needed during this time.

Learn more about my services and contact me today.

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