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Alternatives to Baby Showers

Alternatives to Baby Showers

If you are like me, I prefer to not have baby shower or the games involved in them! Good news is there are alternatives to Baby Showers, you can still celebrate with friends and family!

1. Mother Blessings

I like to think that Mother Blessings are focused on community building for the mother, but there is also the option of a Co-Ed Mother Blessings where you honor both the mother and the father.

2. Postpartum Parties

Unlike Baby Shower and Mother blessings that happens in a day, Postpartum parties is about 6 weeks long! This is where the community steps up and bring the new family food, help with some simple chores around the house and allow the new family have the best baby moon they can have!

3. Meal Prep Party

You are probably getting the idea that my ideas focuses more on tasks rather than fun but trust me a meal prep party for the new family will be one of the best thing you can give them! Its like a mini gathering but everyone is doing a bit of chopping or prepping in the kitchen!

I know I probably sound like no fun, but I always feel like if we can use the funds and energy towards the part that would benefit the family the most, we would have better outcomes for postpartum! I always like to believe the postpartum period is just as important as the pregnancy period. It may sound bizarre but sometimes moms are forgotten during their postpartum period and hopefully the alternatives to baby shower will show them we got their back!

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