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Free/Discounted Stuff for New Moms!

Its almost November and being my birthday month! I collected a few links that has free stuff, I know its a bit misleading since you still have to pay for shipping but check out how much you are going to save!


$50 in savings! Plus its the best way to keep baby's legs warm and still easy access to change their diapers!

$60 in savings! OK so we got the baby legs going! Now time for ruffle buns (they also have stud muffin for the dudes!)

$35 in savings. Reusable Breast Pads. Its hard to avoid not leaking when you are breastfeeding specially when you hear a baby cry! They are washable too!

$50 in savings! Before nursing pillow, comes the pregnancy pillow. Its so hard to get comfy! Its also, great postpartum!

$40 in savings! Some people says it helps! Dad's can also use the nursing pillow to hold the baby!

$40 in savings. Now this was pretty interesting. Its a maternity band that clips to your pants!!

$50 off! While we have many great artist here in Rota! Free custom snappies are still nice!

$60 in savings! Little Wanderers offer shoes which includes baby moccasins! They have designs both for the crib bounds and the little walkers!

$35 in savings! Warm winter hat with Eskimo kids! They have adult sizes for their fuzzy hats!

$40 dollars in savings! Babsy Books are board books!

$30 dollars in savings! Needs an extra 12ft of usb cable? Say no more, iCoil is here to save the day!

$35 in savings. Do you have a Little Fan in your life? Check out this link!

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