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Do you REALLY need a Doula?

Pregnant woman with long hair

Seems to be a funny question coming from a doula huh.

I usually talk about doulas being akin to sherpas but since its getting colder, maybe I should compare to cold weather gear. I have a trusty hoodie, a rain jacket, a peacoat and a fluffy jacket. I should be set but there was something else I was looking for, since I walk the kids to school, I wanted a waterproof babywearing jacket!

I searched the web, I asked for reviews then I found THE one! I bought it.

I didn't need a babywearing jacket. But I still made sure there was room in our budget so I can buy it. They don't make me wear Emma better, they don't make her feel 20 lbs lighter. They don't change what I am capable of doing, but they do add another option on a cold wet day. They keep Emma and I warm and dry, can also hold Charlie's hand when we cross the street!

You don't NEED a doula. you are an amazing and capable mom and your baby will make an appearance with or without a doula present. Doulas are not a "requirement" for birth.

But doulas do offer something different than what you may already have. Its like asking do I really need another jacket? But sometimes, we desire for something else.

Something else, it could be an extra reasurrance or "something"

Here are the benefits of having a doula:

- we are not just another check in the box on the big day! we get to know you outside of labor. Gives us another perspective on what can help you more during labor

- we become a familiar face, we would meet atleast 3 times before your big day.

- We are a phone and a text away.

- we are constant in your and your partner side during labor. We don't have any other clients giving birth, you are our sole focus

- we are provide support to you and your partner - not only do we assist them in giving you the best suppor, our secret goal is to make them feel like the Rock of Gibraltar for you!

- we are a calm presence when things are moving swiftly, we don't need to read the charts or add info to charts. Our main focus is you

- we come to you when you call us. We don't leave during shift changes every 6 hours.

- We celebrate with you. We cry with you. We laugh with you.

Short answer to the question, is that you don't need a doula to bring your baby into the world.

Much like my babywearing jacket. I don't regret getting them... and I don't think you will regret adding a doula to your birth team.

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